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 "I love teaching the older kids how to ride, and I am very good at taking care of my riders  by going very slow"

 "I am a very chubby Haflinger pony who loves to escape!   When I am not teaching lessons you can usually find me wandering around looking for grass and other treats.  "

 "I love to teach the older riders how to trot.  When I am not teaching lessons, you can find me searching for peppermints or taking naps."




 "I am an Arabian, and my nickname is “white lightning” since I love to trot fast!   I am the leader of the herd, and love to be the boss of the other horses. "

 "My name is Taz, but many kids have nicknamed me “trampoline” because I am so bouncy!   I used to be a national champion, but I have found my calling in the lesson program. "

 "My nickname is Frank the Tank, and even though I am very small, I love to teach lessons and can trot all day!   "




 "All the kids love me because I am so cute and very gentle.  I love to hang out in the field with my friends Barclay and Raleigh."


 " I am a small pony who loves to teach the younger riders how to guide cones and stretch.   My best friend is Spot, and he loves to tell me hi whenever we pass him in a lesson."


 "I am Raleigh’s best friend.   I am very kind, and love when riders stay after their lesson to groom me.    "


 "I used to be a show horse, but I enjoy teaching beginner lessons now.   My best friend is Barclay, and we go everywhere together--we even share stalls sometimes, too!"


 "I am a great beginner pony who always loves to stop for a potty break during lessons!   I love to teach the younger riders how to ride and guide through the cones.   "

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